” Hi Brittany and Steve,

I wanted to let you all know that it when comes to providers that have been helpful to Beacon member network needs, CYEGA is on top of it, especially when comes to servicing our members who discharge from the inpatient level of care. The analytical data I have reviewed indicates that at least 20% of Beacon members that are retained by you guys were those who came post discharge as new referrals. That’s great evidence and demonstration of CYEGA’s commitment to the inpatient after care follow up process.  Beacon’s mission statement is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential and I cannot thank you all enough for the support and dedication you guys have given to the Beacon cause.  CYEGA’s positive enthusiasm and collaborative attitude working with us makes all the difference in improving the health outcomes our member’s lives.

 Daniel Ramirez, LMSW

Provider Quality Manager for Beacon Health Options serving on behalf of Community Health Choice. 



”  I have to admit my kids needed help and I can’t thank CYEGA  enough for helping me and my kids, my case manager comes out all the time, I have no complaints! I have recommended many of my friends and family members. Thank You CYEGA” 

Client 2


”   Mr. Dennis is amazing, he always comes out and never misses an appointment, CYEGA has helped my kids and showed me tons of support along the way, I can’t thank you CYEGA  enough, you have been a Blessing to me!!”

Client 3


”   I have seen my son do a complete turnaround since starting counseling with Cyega”. – Parent of a Client
Client 4


”   The therapist are a great resource for me when my child is having issues”. – Parent of a client
Client 5


”  I must state that I am impressed with the entire unit at CYE thus far. This includes everyone I have come in contact with from intake, therapy, CSI services, and compliance. Thank you all for your diligence on this case as well as your continued follow-up on the remaining families I have referred.
Client 6




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