Serving Both Youth and Adults

Residential Counselors provide direct care to our clients. Serving both youth and adults, our clients are taught structure, responsibility and skills to enhance their ongoing growth as  productive citizens. Attendance to local schools and churches, participation in community sponsored events, and educational/cultural activities, compliments their progression.

We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you, 24/7!

 Therapy: Licensed Clinicians provide family and/or individually structured, goal home of families who need assistance recovering from physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect. Other issues, including substance abuse, mental illness, personality/behavior disorder, developmental disability, dysfunctional family or origin, and current family dysfunction may be addressed in the course of treating the abuse/neglect.




Our five star reward program is designed for families and friends to engage in sharing useful information about their experience through Community Empowerment. Please contact email Mr. Roy for more info.

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