Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities vary based on individual/group projects and activities. At orientation, information is provided about the various programs that are offered at Covenant to help our volunteers determine their interests. To volunteer for a project or activity, please send us an email at info@CYEEmail.com

Types of Volunteers Opportunities:

  • Special Events:
  • Technology Help Drive:
  • Champion a Supply Drive:
  • Support A Home Program:
  • Spring Cleaning, General:
  • Fall Tidy-up Day:
  • General Group Outings:
  • Achievement Luncheon:
  • Summer Get-Together:
  • Back to School Throw-Down Party:
  • Community Thanksgiving Eats-Feast:
  • Holiday Day:
  • Covenant Holiday Luncheon:
  • Love Party:

How It Works

Special Events: Help setup lawn equipment, make follow-up phone calls, process mail, transport items, inflate balloons, decorate, donate auction items and much more. Cyega has three fund raising events: Cov Lov Feast, Kids Day and the Year End Jam.

Technology Help Drive: Cyega consistently looks for ways to help our staff become more efficient. Providing additional training in information technology has proven to be very beneficial to our staff and daily operations. Volunteering your time and training expertise in current software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, and the use of Outlook for calendar scheduling, email and contacts are welcome assets to our organization.

Champion a Supply Drive: Help organize a supply drive in your office or neighborhood organization. Collect new school supplies, toiletries, household items and/or other items of interest that will enhance the growth of our youths.

Support A Home Program: Provide long-term volunteer support and a financial commitment to one or more of our group homes/programs. The partnership allows ongoing support for basic needs, activities and employment preparatory activities such as job shadowing. This may include birthday celebrations, haircuts, dental work, school supplies, new undergarments, new clothing, food or dinners, yard work, paint projects and extracurricular activities in the community.

Spring Cleaning, General: This is a large scale volunteer day where efforts are concentrated on general and spring cleaning to tidy up the group homes. This event, held in March, consists of light yard work, painting, and anything that helps us to maintain our homes in tip top shape. Some of the work detail may seem like chores, but these simple tasks make a great impact on the youth residents. A group of 40-60 volunteers are needed to carry out this event.

Fall Tidy-up Day: Each September when the leaves are falling, its time for the annual Leaf Haul at all of the group homes. This project is another large scale volunteer day to complete fall cleanup at each home. Projects involve organizing resources, light yard work, light maintenance and a fun filled cookout to reward all participants for a job well done. A group of 40-60 volunteers are needed to carry out this event.

General Group Outings: Our kids love to get out on the weekends to attend local sports events or other venues. Sponsor a group of residents (six youths per group home) and their staff to any number of activities in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Volunteers can render support through attendance and participation too. The kids and staff appreciate and enjoy every opportunity to get out of the house and try something new. Approximately 2-5 volunteers are needed for these outings. The outing cost is determined on the activity selected.

Achievement Luncheon: Every youth has a unique set of circumstances. This event allows us to celebrate the youth’s progress towards individual goals. It also provides an opportunity for each youth to practice restaurant/dining etiquette and interact with members from the community. This is first of two annual events that Cyega hosts where all of our residents, staff, community families and donors come together for a family style meal. Approximately 10-15 volunteers are needed for this event.

Summer Get-Together: Held in June, at Stone Mountain Park in Decatur, the Summer Picnic is held to celebrate our youths, the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer season. The kids participate with the staff in variety of activities like 3×3 basketball, flag football, games and other fun filled options. If you have talents or want to demonstrate your cooking skills at a grill, this is a great opportunity for you to show your stuff for an afternoon. You you might get hit with a water balloon, but everyone departs with a full stomach and a smile. Approximately 10-15 volunteers are needed for this event.

Back to School Throw-Down Party: During the first week of August, Cyega wraps up the summer with a back to School Party. At the party, the youths in our Residential Programs gather for food, fun and games, and receive school supplies they will need for the year. This event calls for a large number of volunteers because of the various activities and number of staff and residents present. Approximately 15-25 volunteers are needed this event.

Community Thanksgiving Eats-Feast: During the Thanksgiving Holiday, Cyega helps our community families with all of the trimmings to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at their homes. This event is held at the Cyega Counseling Center for an afternoon meal and activities. Each family receives a gift basket filled with food items and recipes for Thanksgiving Day as they depart this event. Volunteers are needed to help set up, sort food, organize baskets, serve food, and help with the overall logistics of cleanup. Families appreciate the healthy food that is provided, as well as the nutritious recipes that are included. Approximately 10-15 volunteers are needed this event.

Holiday Day: Each year, at the beginning of the Holiday season, volunteers help decorate the Cyega group homes. Holiday snacks and meals are served for everyone’s enjoyment. The residents are delighted to learn and assist our volunteers with the holiday decorating. Your involvement in this event provides enjoyment for everyone throughout the holiday season. Approximately 10-15 volunteers are needed this event.

Cyega Holiday Luncheon: The Holiday Luncheon is held at the Elegant Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Atlanta. The luncheon celebrates the Holiday Season and affords our youths an opportunity to practice their restaurant/dining etiquette and interact with members from the community. This is second of two annual events where all of our residents, staff, community families and donors can sit down together for a family style meal. Approximately 10-15 volunteers are needed this event.

Love Party: During the Holiday Season, many of our community families struggle to make ends meet. Cyega extends our resources to lighten their load, and also to bring them cheer for their Holiday Season. Each year we host a gift wrapping party for our families to join us on-site to select and help wrap gifts while their youths are in school. Each participant is fed a meal and returns home to their family with a gift. For this event we need volunteers to help us sort and wrap gifts, serve and prepare food, and provide entertainment for non-school aged children in attendance. Our community families are appreciative of all the gifts given at this event because they could not make this possible by their own means. Approximately 10 volunteers are needed for this event.

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