We assist our clients and families by supporting positive mental & emotional well-being

Our Mission

CYEGA offers vital mental services to remote areas in Atlanta and Texas. Our goal is to provide vital, and much needed mental health care to our clients who may not have the opportunity due to lack of service available in their area. CYEGA recognizes the impact a lack of services have on families, and has committed to providing the support needed.  We are currently servicing children, adolescents, and adults in several remote locations.

Here is how it works: CYEGA has chosen a team of mental healthcare professionals to bring vital components of our program to remote areas. Our teams of specially chosen professionals are committed to serving others, and are willing to travel to remote areas throughout Georgia, Texas, and Louisiana because they are committed to positive social change.

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Our Work

Potential clients or referral sources initiate treatment by contacting our office by telephone or fax. Almost immediately we will schedule an appointment to perform the intake process. The intake process consists of a behavioral health assessment and nursing assessment. These assessments are designed to prepare the client to receive services by discussing concerns, sharing goals, and developing a plan of care or a treatment plan.

We require our placing agency to assemble a group of no less than 8 adolescents, and provide a meeting place, such as a DJJ office, library, etc the youth to and from the central meeting area. During groups CYEGA provide refreshments. Our groups are usually conducted Monday through Friday between the hours of 5pm to 8pm.

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Our Benefits

How adolescent selected group of individuals meets regularly with a therapist. The purpose of group therapy is to assist each individual in emotional growth and personal problem solving. Through the group experience, the individual consumer can receive the following:

Improved social skills: Our lives are characterized by intense and persistent relationships, and much of our self esteem is developed via feedback and reflection from others.

Installation of hope: Watching others cope with and overcome similar problems successfully instills hope and inspiration. Altruism: Group therapy offers its members a unique opportunity: the chance to help others.

Universality: Many who enter group therapy have great difficulty sustaining interpersonal relationships, and feel unlikable and unlovable. Group therapy provides a powerful antidote to these feelings.

Catharsis: The release of conscious or unconscious feelings can provide a great feeling of relief.

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Our five star reward program is designed for families and friends to engage in sharing useful information about their experience through Community Empowerment. Please contact email Mr. Roy for more info.

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