CYEGA offers “Extended Family Support” that provides supplemental mental health care services to children, adolescents and adults in need.

Our staff includes Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Professionals, Case Managers and Family Intervention Specialists. Together, we offer years of work experience with providing mental health services. We help our clients develop positive behavioral changes.

CYEGA’s approach to treatment focuses on the client’s strengths, in conjunction with individual, family and community responsibilities. We seek to help the client establish a balance in these areas through mental health study and promotion of psychological abilities. We link mental health development to the positive psychology framework.

Some of the positive psychological characteristics are:

  • Strengths: Optimism, Determination, Focus, Flexibility
  • Life Satisfaction: Contentment (sense that one’s life is good)
  • Self Esteem: Confidence, Resilience, Self-Reliance
  • Positive Emotions: Curiosity, Happiness, Kindness, Gratitude, Humor.

We believe these characteristics create supports, opportunities and services that promote optimum mental health. In addition, we review the role of organizations and institutions to facilitate growth and positive outcomes toward the development of the youth’s social system and community involvement.

We recognize family therapy as an effective treatment for most mental illness. However, the introduction of medication as a supportive intervention may be warranted, but is not used as the sole method of treatment. We select therapeutic and pharmacological approaches that are safe and effective.

At CYEGA, we are committed to making a positive difference in the life of each client we serve!

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